Model Selection

(Patent Pending)


 Model Specification 

The model specification is as follows:

VVV -  

Specifies the laser module wavelength in nm which can be 520 nm (direct Green laser diode), 532 nm (DPSS laser module), and 635 nm (red diode laser module)

WW -

Specifies the product total height which can be -20 inches ( for carriages Class I and II), -25 inches (for carriage Class III), or -30 inches (for carriage Class IV).  The 20 inch product will fit on Class I and II forklifts.  The 25 inch product will fit Class III forklifts.  And the 30 inch product will fit Class IV forklifts.


Specifies the power source for the product.  -BAT indicates the Tenergy 3.7 VDC 10,400 mAh internal battery.  And -FES indicates the Forklift Electrical System (FES).

YY -

Specifies the type of controls for the product.  
Controls include the following (PATENT PENDING):

RF - indicates that the product uses "wireless" control. This uses the Key FOB RF transmitter On/OFF buttons to turn the laser on/off. 

-US -  indicates that the product uses an ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance between the forks and the ground and automatically turns the laser on when it's above 8 ft from the ground and turns the laser off when it's below 8 ft from the ground.

-AM -  indicates that the product uses a MEMS Accelerometer and Magnetometer to sense the movement of the product/forks as it passes a magnet that is placed on the forklift.  When the product passes the magnet while moving up the laser automatically turns on for 2 minutes.  When the unit is moving down and passes the same magnet the laser will turn off.  If the magnet is not placed on the forklift, the accelerometer will filter out the vibrations and measure the true linear acceleration/velocity/distance moving up and turn the laser on when the laser is approximately 8 ft above the ground and turns the laser off after 2 minutes.

Z - 

Specifies the lens of the laser module.  The -1 lens projects a horizontal laser line.  
For custom orders only, a -2 lens can be ordered and will project a "cross-hair" (+) pattern.